I've worked as a software engineer for over 20 years. I thrive on learning new tools and technologies, and I love finding new approaches to solving problems. This site is an outlet for me to share the things I'm learning, exploring, and currently creating.

Java/Java EE

I've been developing with Java for over 20 years on projects large and small. This has traditionally been my bread and butter. I've worked with most of the technologies in the Java EE stack and am very familiar with the surrounding ecosystem of libraries and frameworks. I've dealt with the bloat that often encumbers Java development and I enjoy exploring leaner frameworks and runtimes.


I cut my teeth building web applications and am well versed in HTML, CSS, and modern JavaScript. I've worked with a number of front end frameworks over the years to include what I consider the big 3: React, Angular X, and Vue.js. I've primarily been working with React on Next.js in recent years.

Data Storage

I started my career building Oracle client-server applications, and I've worked with Oracle databases in varying capacities ever since. I've also worked with a number of other databases to include MySQL, PostgreSQL, and several other lighter, smaller options such as Apache Derby and h3. I strive to build ANSI compliant SQL and vendor-neutral data integration to as much extent possible. I also have experience with cloud-based data stores such as Amazon S3.